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GWM Weddings - Affordable Wedding gowns with a WOW factor!

Updated: Jan 8


Looking for an affordable gown that comes with that WOW factor? Look no further than GWM Weddings!

Whether your looking for a made to measure, bespoke gown or and off the rack gown, GWM Weddings have you covered!

Visit GWM Weddings at the Malvern Wedding Expo and receive a further 10% off if you book an appointment at the Expo!

Don't miss this!

GWM Weddings will only be available at...

  • Malvern Wedding Expo - Sunday 5th February

  • Brunswick Wedding Expo - Sunday 26th February

  • Williamstown Wedding Expo - Sunday 7th May

This special offer is only available at our Wedding Expos, get your tickets today via our tickets page.

*Ts & Cs may apply

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