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Wedding planning on a budget?

Wedding planning on a budget
Wedding budgets


With the costs of just about everything rising at the moment you may be starting to stress about your wedding plans and how you are going to afford your dream wedding.

We are here to help you!

Imagine a hall full of wedding vendors that all have special offers, free add on's and/or gifts just for you!

Don't pinch yourself, you are not dreaming - this is real! We are the only Wedding Expo in Australia that is designed to help you save money!!!

Does this mean you will get cheap budget vendors for your wedding? Not at all! All of our vendors are registered wedding businesses, many have years of experience behind them and are experts in their field.

They understand the pressures of living with rising costs and they are offering their normal packages at a discounted rate!

You could save hundreds of dollars just by shopping for your wedding products & services at our Wedding Expo!

The special offers are ONLY available at our Expos and only for a limited time, so bring along your to do list and let our team of experts help you start ticking off your to - do list!

Our next (and last Wedding expo for 2023) is coming up soon, don't miss this!

  • Malvern Town Hall, Sunday 10th September

Oh and PS for a limited time, tickets are 100% FREE to attend!!! Don't miss this!!!

Get your tickets today...


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