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Effective from January 1st 2021

The Organiser of the Affordable Wedding Expos is Wishful Events.

In order to exhibit at our Wedding Expos – The Affordable Wedding Expo you must agree to our Terms & Conditions as stated below.

Expected Conduct from Exhibitors…

  • All exhibitors at the Affordable Wedding Expo must have a Special Offer available and must ensure that they make this offer available as per their Terms and Conditions

  • All exhibitors must follow up with all leads gained from the event in a professional manner.

  • All exhibitors must adhere to our payment schedule as outlined below

  • All exhibitors must ensure they have Public Liability Insurance as per Victorian State laws.

  • All exhibitors must agree to follow our Health & Safety policies as stated in our exhibitor guide which is sent to you prior to each event, this will include venue rules.

  • Exhibitors are expected to not pack up until they are advised that it is safe to do so.


Payment & Cancellation

  • New exhibitors are to make a full payment within 7 days of booking.

  • Regular exhibitors must make full payment 1 month before each event.

  • Any outstanding payments will be sent to a Debt Collection agency, at the exhibitors expense


In case of cancellation…

a) Within 3 days of contract being accepted full refund.

b) After 3 days, up to 1 month of scheduled event 50% of funds will be withheld, or payable if still outstanding.

d) Within 1 month for the event no refunds will be issued and 100% of exhibiting fees will be withheld or deemed payable if not paid.

e) Any outstanding amounts will be sent to debt collectors, with any further costs accrued payable by the exhibitor. 


Trading conditions


All exhibitors must observe that they are only permitted to trade as the company that they have submitted on their registration forms. 


No company is allowed to display information for any other companies unless prior written consent is granted. The organiser reserves the right to remove any information or material, which is deemed not suitable.

The exhibitor grants the organiser a royalty free license to use the exhibitor’s brand names, logo(s), images and trademark(s) on any material related to the event’s promotional activities. Exhibitors are responsible for checking all licenses and royalty conditions for use of images provided to the organiser for promotional purposes, the organiser is not liable for any breeches in license agreements.



It is a law in the State of Victoria that all exhibitors at all events must hold 10 million Public liability Insurance.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have this in place. If you do not have your own insurance you must purchase insurance under the Organisers policy (valid for event only) at least 1 week before the event.


Organiser’s Rights and Responsibilities

The Organiser does not guarantee event visitor numbers or the level of commercial activity at an event.


Should an event or other activity be cancelled or abandoned, the limit of claim for damages and/or compensation by the Exhibitor shall be limited only to the amount of money paid by that Exhibitor or Sponsor to the Organiser for that particular event.


The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event or other activity due to circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control, such as a natural disaster, venue cancellation, or where a state of emergency has been declared. All payments made prior to an event or other activity which has resulted in a postponement of an event will be honored at the re-scheduled event.


The Organiser does not guarantee exclusivity of products or services and cannot guarantee similar products or services will not be located adjacent to or near the Exhibitor in relation to site space at an event.


The Organiser will take every care to ensure that promotional materials provided by the exhibitor are included in media organised by the Organiser as per agreement but will not be held liable for any loss should such advertising not be included.


Exhibitors indemnify the Organiser against all claims against the Organiser for breach of warranty, third-party intellectual property rights or any other liability that the Organiser may otherwise be exposed to relating to information or images about a product or service released to the Organiser on behalf of or by the exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor.  


The Organiser cannot be held liable for injury or death, property damage, economic loss or any other claims relating to an exhibitor nor to an event or other activity.


No Liability

The Organiser will not be liable for all loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or property, claims damages, costs and expenses arising out of any wilful or negligent act or omission of any person other than an employee or agent of the Organiser.


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